Animal Embroidery Designs

Browse through our collection of animal embroidery designs to find the perfect embroidery friend for your project. Then bring your favorites to life in dazzling colors on your favorite embroidery piece. Pick from a wide variety of vivid embroidery designs that you'll find affordable and receive them instantly upon download! 

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  • Birds

    Take flight into your next embroidery project with our swiss embroidery bird designs. Vivid colorful designs ready for instant download.

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies can lighten up a spring day and they'll certainly dazzle your next embroidery project. Butterfly embroidery designs are ready for instant download for use on your machine. Put the fine art of swiss embroidery to work on your next project.

  • Fishes

    Fishing around for your next swiss embroidery idea? Why not sea how your next embroidery project will look with fish embroidery designs from Zundt Design.  Your design is waiting for your instant download so get yours today.

  • Shells

    Ready to start your next embroidery project but don't want to shell out a lot of cash? Sea shell embroidery designs from Zundt are just the colorful piece to get you going. These swiss embroidery styles will add the vivid detail you're looking for. The best part is they are affordable and available for instant download.