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Assorted Elements


Assorted Elements

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Out of these 3 collections, we have assembled a Special Element Selection for you.
Jane has used the designs in this collection to make a beautiful denim skirt, vest and tee.
Jane used our new Soft Light Tinsel Town thread for the fill stitches.
A PDF file with step-by-step instructions showing you how to place the designs and finish
the project is included with the purchase of the Special Element Selection.
All designs except for one will fit the large 150mm by 240 mm hoop.
One of the designs needs a 200mm by 200mm
Assorted Elements(Set of 11 Designs)

6 Lace:
210018 Width:7.50″, Height:6.65″, Stitches: 54’065,
210018_1 Width:6.26″, Height:7.06″, Stitches: 50’839
210019 Width:2.38″, Height:8.31″, Stitches:23’529,
210020 Width:3.79″, Height:4.02″, Stitches:10’138,
210021 Width3.16″, Height:3.05″, Stitches:7’373,
204359 Width 3.80″, Height:1.54″, Stitches: 12’041,
3 Cut Work
210022 Width:5.78″, Height7.49″, Stitches:24’506,
210027 Width:3.13″, Height 4.92″, Stitches:8’564,
210026 Width:1.24″, Height1.30″, Stitches2112,
4 Outlines
210024 Width:6.27″, Height7.23″, Stitches 5’594,
210023 Width:2.35″, Height8.18″, Stitches2’103,
210025 Width:1.13″, Height1.00″, Stitches 453,
210028 Width:1.98″, Height 4.91″, Stitches 659

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