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Elements Lace


Elements Lace

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Elements Lace freestanding (Set of 9 Designs)

210053 Width:3.94, Height:3.95″, Stitches: 15’298,
210021 Width:3.15″, Height:3.04″, Stitches: 7’386
210051 Width:5.91″, Height:2.26″, Stitches:14’800,
210052 Width:6.27″, Height:4.76″, Stitches:24’705,
210019 Width:8.30″, Height:2.37″, Stitches: 23’526,
210018 Width:7.50″, Height:6.65″, Stitches: 54’121,
210018_1 Width6.26″, Height:7.06″, Stitches: 50’839,
210020 Width:3.78″, Height:4.02″, Stitches:10’130,
210050 Width:5.54″, Height:5.60″, Stitches:25’674, Colors 5

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