Flowery Heart


Flowery Heart

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Flowery Heart SET
A lush embroidered flowery heart and additional lovely designs.
Including detailed project instructions for the heart to heart” cushion.

207505, Size:6.97″x6.79″, Stitches: 39’874,
207523, Size: 5.87″x1.06″, Stitches: 7’230
211001, Size: 2.12″x2.43″, Stitches: 4’967
211002, Size: 2.09″x2.80″, Stitches: 4’626
211003, Size: 1.31″x1.39″, Stitches: 1’168
211004, Size: 1.89″x2.18″, Stitches: 2’874
211006, Size: 2.07″x2.03″, Stitches: 3’052
211007, Size: 2.38″x2.31″, Stitches: 2’871
211008, Size: 1.82″x2.46″, Stitches: 3’699.

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