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Morris Inspirations SET


Morris Inspirations is an ornamental collection, inspired by the beautiful designs of William Morris.

We have created several quilt blocks in the art deco style which include both applique and non-applique designs which are surrounded by lovely quilting, all done in the hoop. There are also free standing flower and button designs. There are 24 designs in this collection.

Please find sizes and description of the designs below.

We have chosen 2 colors in the design. One is our metallic Aqua thread the other is a Rayon thread that matches the metallic thread.

Projects are included with the download.

Morris Inspirations Set (Set of 24 Designs)
Files included by product code:

G874-1, Size: 6.69″x6.74″, Stitches: 21’323 Colors 4
G877.01, Size: 6.71″x6.77″, Stitches: 23’870 Colors 4
G873-1, Size: 6.74″x6.72″, Stitches: 19’614 Colors 4
G875.01, Size: 6.69″x6.72″, Stitches: 16’118 Colors 4
G883, Size: 10’61″x7.08″, Stitches: 19’289 Colors 3
G99269-1, Size: 7.06″x7.04″, Stitches: 15’853 Colors 4
G99271, Siize: 10.61″x7.08″, Stitches: 20’623 Colors 4
G879-1, Size: 6.70″x6.71″, Stitches: 20’715 Colors 4
G204313, Size: 6.62″x6.70″, Stitches: 16’454 Colors 4
G88-1, Size: 6.63″x6.70″, Stitches: 16’874 Colors 4
G881, Size: 6.63″x6.70″, Stitches: 16’326 Colors 2
G204307, Size: 1.00″x1.00″, Stitches: 1’299 Colors 3
G212115_1, Size: 2.37″x2.36″, Stitches: 1’836 Colors 3
G212115_2, Size: 3.02”x3.05″, Stitches: 2’858 Colors 3
G916, Size: 0.65″x0.69″, Stitches: 319 Colors 1
G99263, Size: 6.76″x4.27″, Stitches: 3’807 Colors 1
G204325, Size: 11.46″x2.98″, Stitches: 10’540 Colors 4
G908, Size: 7.19″x2.98″, Stitches: 7’750 Colors 4
G899, Size: 3.50″x3.44″, Stitches: 1’844 Colors 1
G899-1, Size: 5.33″x5.25″, Stitches: 3’413 Colors 1
G889, Size: 2.95″x2.97″, Stitches: 5’089 Colors 3
G99272, Size: 5.72″x5.69″, Stitches: 8’232 Colors 3
G204306, Size: 6.68″x6.77″, Stitches: 16’898 Colors 4
G880-1, Size: 6.70″x6.76″, Stitches: 14’674 Colors 4

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