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Yachting Set


Yachting Set

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Yachting Set
Create your own one of kind Ralph Lauren like polo shirt.
Embroider this elegant motif on a beautiful sweat shirt or an elegant polo.
With this versatile embroidery collection you can create outstanding projects and
gifts for friends and family
2237_2 Width:7.68, Height:8.50″, Stitches:33’628, Colors:8,
2237_1 Width:5.91″, Height:6.55″, Stitches:25’033, Colors:8,
2235 Width:4.20″, Height:4.54″, Stitches:9’638, Colors: 2,
2235_1 Width:2.94″, Height 3.18″, Stitches:6’143, Colors:2,
2235_2 Width:2.35″, Height:2.55″, Stitches:4’817, Colors: 2,
87313 Width:3.26″, Height:1.92″, Stitches:5’502, Colors:3,
873136_1 Width:2.77″, Height:1.64″, Stitches:4’803, Colors: 3,
873147 Width:5.43″, Height:3.20″, Stitches9’898, Colors:3,
2236 Width:4.29″, Height:4.68″, Stitches:4’222, Colors: 5
2240 Width:3.18″, Height:5.09″, Stitches:3’975, Colors: 1,
2240_1 Width:2.39″, Height:3.82″, Stitches:2’915, Colors: 1,
2240_2 Width:1.91″, Height:3.06″, Stitches:2’250, Colors: 1,

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